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Christina is a Creative Manager and Graphic Designer located in the greater Los Angeles area, and has worked in the industry for over 5 years. After several years attending The Art Institute of California, she earned her Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. 

Christina is passionate in all areas of design but focuses on branding, print, and illustrative work. She loves to learn, grow, and is always ready for a challenge. Bring it!!

When she's not designing, you'll find Christina eating anything sweet, shopping at Target, or watching Game of Thrones with her favorite guy and their doofy dog, Rufus.

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Latest from Christina

A few months ago, I started an Instagram account in an effort to really force myself to draw at least once a day if not more. And I gotta say, it's liberating to be able to draw and create without any pressure of making a series. Turns out, I've got so many ideas that my carpal-tunnel-induced-right-hand can't keep up with the demand of my right brain! I owe many thanks to Fifty Three for there amazing app and stylus that I bring with me everywhere I go.

Stay tuned for the two never-ending series I've got going on right now: Betty Goes Disney and new Betty Girls (because really, will I ever stop making Betty Girls!?).

Client Review

When it came time to seek out a designer to help bring my vision to life, choosing Christina Dominguez was the only choice! I love "Betty", then came "Betty's Ball", and who could resist those sassy ladies? Christina took my ideas and gave me exactly what I envisioned in my head. She is professional, time conscious, creative and sharp. She is also not a "yes girl", and by that I mean she told me what she thought of certain ideas I had, and the reason why it would or wouldn't work. I respect that. I don't want a designer to just agree with me because they're getting paid, I want them to give me what I'm paying for: design guidance and a professional opinion. And that's exactly what I got, along with an awesome logo that everyone loves, almost as much as I do!

-Lolliecakes Owner, Melody

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