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about Christina Dominguez

I’m a Los Angeles-based illustrator and graphic designer with over 10 years of experience, focused on vector illustrations, branding and print. My combined passion for illustration and graphic design is the embodiment of Oh Betty. I’ve worked as an in-house, agency and freelance designer for a wide range of clients–from a large mobile tech manufacturer to a children’s mattress startup. While working with these companies, I’ve learned to become versatile and nimble–adapting to a variety of clients’ needs and providing thoughtful design solutions.

When I’m not designing, I’m honing my skills as an illustrator with watercolors, shopping for things I don’t need at Target, or watching my favorites on HBO and YouTube. If you like what I do, let’s connect! Find me on Instagram for an inside look into my random doodles, and me trying to navigate this industry as a modern, multifaceted designer.

Oh Betty

Oh Betty is a creative studio encompassing graphic design and illustrative projects. It’s a vibe...an aesthetic–turning everyday people, animals and objects into a whimsical moment in time. Connect with me on Instagram for more!

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