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The Creamery Branding

For the past couple of months I've been sitting on this idea of an ice cream/froyo/gelato brand. It's taken many different forms - none that I was happy with. No matter how many mood boards I put together, none were taking shape the way I wanted it to. All I knew was that I wanted it to be called The Creamery. I went through a phase where I really wanted to call it The Crea-moo-ry. *shrug

I recently started entering 99design contests where I submitted a logo for a gelato company. I thought I was in the ballpark of what the client wanted, however that turned out to not be the case and she hated what I designed. I, however, liked where it was headed so I continued to rework it using The Creamery as a foundation. Check out my portfolio page for the full brand design. Below is the end result. Something fun, a little funky, and always cute.